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The New Wave of DTC eCommerce: Harnessing Shoppable Social Media, UGC, and Video Commerce for Engaging Shopping Experiences

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are embracing a transformative shift in eCommerce by capitalising on shoppable social media content, user-generated content (UGC) integration, and video commerce. This new approach enables seamless purchasing experiences within the buyer's journey from Instagram, Web, and Email while leveraging authentic UGC to build trust and enhance social proof. Additionally, the rise of video commerce empowers brands to drive customer engagement and boost conversions through product demonstrations, tutorials, and testimonials.

Sauce's Visual Shopping platform through the emergence of social shopping and video commerce enhances customer engagement and conversion rates through product demonstrations, tutorials, and testimonials, offering a complete solution to DTC eCommerce challenges.

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Sauce's Visual Shopping Breakthrough:
Drive Trust and Sales with Unified UGC and Influencer Retail Strategies

Experience Sauce's Visual Shopping Breakthrough and unlock the full potential of your eCommerce business. By unifying User Generated Content (UGC) and Influencer Retail strategies, Sauce empowers brands to foster customer trust and drive sales growth. Our platform seamlessly integrates authentic customer experiences with influential retail collaborations, delivering an unmatched visual shopping experience that captivates audiences and boosts conversions. Discover the true power of Sauce's Visual Shopping Breakthrough and revolutionise your online sales journey today.


Redefining Instagram Shopping:
Cultivate the Future of Sales and Enrich the Customer Journey with Unparalleled Social Shopping

Sauce's intuitive Instagram shopping technology helps your DTC brand capture customer attention and increase basket size by offering a seamless, engaging shopping experience on the popular social media platform.

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"Get Ready With Me" (GRWM) and The Art of Video Commerce: Sauce's Innovative Blend of Engaging Aesthetics and Powerful Sales Impact

Sauce's visually compelling video commerce platform ushers in a new era of eCommerce, revolutionizing the online shopping experience. Our innovative approach fuses storytelling and sales impact to captivate customers and drive conversions. Through engaging demonstrations, tutorials, and testimonials, brands showcase their products and build emotional connections with customers, ultimately increasing sales. Embrace the future of eCommerce and elevate your sales journey with Sauce's immersive video commerce experiences.

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Sauce's Shop the Look Cards Empower Brands to Showcase Products and Spark Complementary Purchases - Sauce's Shop the Look Cards are designed to place your products center stage, capturing customer attention and driving additional sales. 

Unleash Reels-Powered Video Commerce:
Sauce's Pioneering Solutions for Shoppable Video Experiences

Lights, Camera, Conversion: 'Sauce TV' Video Shopping Capabilities Transform eCommerce Success by crafting a seamless and engaging shopping journey for customers. Our platform integrates captivating product demonstrations, informative tutorials, and compelling testimonials, empowering brands to mesmerize their audience while driving sales through immersive video experiences.

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Sync in Style:
Instantly Integrate Instagram Shopping for Web, Instagram and Email for Triple the Impact

Experience triple the impact with Sauce's seamless integration of Instagram Shopping for Web, Instagram and Email. Sauce ensures a consistent, engaging shopping experience across channels, amplifying reach and sales opportunities. Effortlessly manage and optimise your online presence with Sauce, delighting customers with a unified, visually appealing shopping journey.

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Swipe, Shop, and Sell:
Mobile-First Design for Stunning Shopping Galleries

Experience a consistent and optimised Instagram shopping experience across devices, thanks to Sauce's mobile-first design and cross-platform integration. Our dynamic galleries are designed to showcase your products beautifully, no matter the device your customers are using, ensuring that your brand stands out and makes an impact. Maximize your sales potential and provide an exceptional user experience with Sauce's mobile-first design and seamless cross-platform integration.

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Basket Boosters:
Product Page Galleries that Supercharge Upselling and Basket Size

Discover the magic of Sauce's inviting product page galleries, thoughtfully crafted to present complementary products and encourage customers to shop the entire 'look.' Delight shoppers with visually engaging galleries that spark upselling potential by showcasing matching styles and complimentary products. Build lasting connections with your customers and amplify revenue with Sauce's Basket Boosters, taking your eCommerce game to new heights through curated looks promotion.

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UGC and Inspo Fusion:
Amplify Customer Trust and Conversions with Shoppable Real-Life Experiences

Ignite customer engagement with Sauce's blend of UGC and inspirational galleries for a dynamic shopping experience. Entice potential buyers through shoppable galleries that feature authentic product use. Harness the power of genuine visuals to establish trust, bolster brand confidence, and inspire action.

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Shoppable User-Generated Content (UGC):
Boost Customer Confidence and Drive Conversions with Real-Life Experiences

Turbocharge your DTC brand's shopper confidence by incorporating authentic user-generated content into your social commerce strategy, turning social proof into increased sales. Sauce enables you to capture, track, and identify the most impactful UGC from fans, customers, and influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms, providing a valuable resource for enhancing brand credibility and trust.

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Data-Driven Decisions:
Empower Your Social Commerce Strategy with Sauce's Tracking Solutions


Elevate your social commerce strategy with Sauce's data-driven tracking solutions, designed to empower brands in making informed decisions. Gain real-time insights into customer behavior, media performance, and engagement metrics to optimise your marketing efforts and drive conversions. Sauce's comprehensive tracking capabilities enable you to identify trends, uncover opportunities, and make swift adjustments to stay ahead of the competition. Make the most of your data and transform your social commerce approach with Sauce's cutting-edge tracking solutions.

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Visual Shopping Success:
Client Endorsements Highlight the Power of UGC & Social Commerce

Sauce has driven over $890M for our client partners via UGC, Influencers & Visual Shopping. 

The Future of Social Marketing: Discover Why 180,000 Brands Trust Sauce's UGC and Influencer-Based Visual Shopping for their Social Commerce


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