Sauce TV: Arrange Your Videos into a Netflix-Like Shopping Hub on Your Site.

Make your product learning and buying experience easier with easy-to-follow product demos, #GRWM inspiration, and practical examples, all organised like your own Netflix-style interface.

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Plug-n-Play Video Shopping that Educates and Entertains.

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Merge Influencers, Visual Shopping, and User Generated Content under a single comprehensive platform to create a cohesive and impactful social shopping experience that drives customer engagement, fosters loyalty, and boosts sales via Social, Web and Email.

Display Customer Trust

Show real customer reviews and stories in your videos to give shoppers honest opinions from people who've bought your products. This makes your brand look more genuine and trustworthy.


Explain Your Product

Harness the voices of your customers and influencers; let them demonstrate the perks of your products through their authentic stories and experiences.


Give Real-Context Discovery

Let customers discover your products by watching real people using products in everyday life. It helps shoppers find new things and see how they work, sparking interest and boosting sales.


Organise all your videos into custom, easy-to-find channels.
Instagram, TikTok, and uploaded videos make short, shoppable showcases on your website.

Feature helpful tips, creative ideas, satisfied customers' real-life experiences and relatable stories offering a wide range of content that educates, entertains, and inspires trust in your brand.


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Channel Organisation
Sort and Organize Your Videos into Product-Centric Channels

Label your video content with hashtags to automatically categorise them into your tailored video hub.

Design Flexibility
Personalise Your Video Platform

Sauce TV allow for deep design and User Experience customisation, enabling you to tailor the shopping experience to match your brand's identity and your customers' expectations.

Effortless Integration
Plug-and-Play your Video Commerce with No-Code

Adopt a video commerce solution that offers plug-and-play integration, no coding required. Sauce TV adds a new dimension to a suite of highly customisable video commerce options that integrate seamlessly with your existing digital framework, ensuring a consistent user experience and operational flow​

Video Imports
Centralise Video Content from Instagram, TikTok, Influencers, and Your Uploads

Streamline live updates of captivating Instagram and TikTok reels, user-generated content, influencer highlights, and personal uploads, infusing your website with the vibrant, social energy your customers love, all neatly categorised for smooth navigation.

Effortless Product Tagging
Integrate Your Product Catalogue on any Platform

Add 1-click impulse shopping to your videos with Sauce's intuitive shopping tags. Easily integrate your e-commerce catalogue, tagging products within engaging social content like Instagram reels, TikTok videos, customer testimonials and influencer showcases for a lively, interactive shopping experience that's a breeze to navigate.

Performance Assurance
Guarantee Speed

Sauce's video commerce platform leverages the power of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and adaptive streaming to ensure lightning-fast loading times. This advanced infrastructure is designed to minimise latency, ensuring your site remains agile and responsive, providing your customers with a consistently smooth viewing and an uninterrupted shopping experience, even during peak traffic periods.

Scalable Technology
Grow Without Limits

Sauce's video commerce platform scales seamlessly with your enterprise, adeptly managing surges in traffic and transactions, while flexibly adapting formats to display captivating video content throughout your digital presence, perfectly aligned with your brand's growth and dynamic requirements.


Revamp Your Retail Experience with Sauce's Dynamic Video Commerce Suite

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Sauce's video commerce suite propels sales, turning inspiration into purchases with a strategic mix of branded content, user stories, and influencer highlights. Explore shoppable video galleries, animated product detail pages, Sauce TV, 'Shop the Look' video cards, and more for an unmatched shopping experience that drives conversions. Experience the seamless, interactive journey with Sauce – your click to sales optimisation.


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Discover the synergy of User-Generated Content, Influencer Marketing, and Visual Shopping within your Buyer Journey to unlock your brand's true potential and elevate your customer experience.


Integrate Sauce Social Commerce Across Your Buyer Journey

Sauce is designed to work in harmony with leading industry platforms, simplifying your tasks and streamlining your workflow.

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We're honoured to share that over 60,000 brands are now part of our Sauce community. Partnering with these esteemed brands, we've embarked on a journey of bolstering their reputation, optimising their conversions, unlocking their customer advocacy, and propelling business growth. Their success stories fuel our commitment to fostering a vibrant ecosystem where businesses flourish through enhanced engagement and informed decisions.

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