Reimagine the role of Influencers in your business.

Influencer+ provides an all in one Influencer identification, activation and tracking platform that turns your Influencer Marketing ambitions into a powerful marketing and sales channel for your brand.

69 Million Influencers in Your Pocket.

Understand Influencer audiences and how much they are worth to your brand.

Uncover each Influencer's real reputation and actionable insights from their social network to inform brand and business strategy.

Take Steph for example.
How much is she worth to your brand?

Sauce indexes billions of posts and learns what the network is saying about her. Her Reputation Index™, brand compatibility, audience profiles, comparative branded engagement and recommended value are just some of the insights that are helping brands turn gut decisions into informed investment choices. Influencer plus gives brands direct insights into every aspect of an Influencer's performance.

Turn Influencers into a powerful retail channel for your brand.

Deploy an army of Influencers to refer customers to your brand.

Prebuilt reports automatically track Influencer enagement, reach, clicks, coupon usage and more. Measure the impact their reach has for your brand and turn their media into shoppable posts for customers to see in your store.

Find more Influencers in one place.

From Mixology to Makeup, Biohacking to Labradoodles, Plant Based Cooking to Luxury Travel, Skincare Addicts to Fashionistas, HIIT training and beyond. Search 69 million organic classifications to discover your perfect fit MUA, OOTD Inspo guide.

Sauce's AI driven Reputation Index and audience demographics powers the world's most powerful discovery engine for Instagram influencers. Search the best Influencers to collaborate with, check out our pricing benchmarks to know how much to pay them and learn how to negotiate the best deals.

X-ray your competition.

See your competitor strategy's performance, their UGC and the Influencers they collaborate with. Take actionable insights that you can apply to your brand.

Sauce gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors with deep AI powered actionable insights about their most effective promotion tactics. Implement new customer acqusition tactics by and surfacing new audiences for your brand.

Target audiences that want to hear about your brand.

Achieve better brand compatibility by placing it in the right context and showcasing it to audiences with an appetite for your products and brand values. Sauce let's you see the Influencer's recently mentioned brands and how their audience responds to them. 

Give your product placement a boost by connecting with Influencers whose audience is already aligned with your brand values and products.

Sit back and watch the results roll in.

Track sales and see who brings them in. See who created the most engaged posts and stories and how much money your campaign has earned.

Search the best Influencers to collaborate with, check out our pricing benchmarks to know how much to pay them and learn how to negotiate the best deals.

With Influencer+ we'll help you:

Find the right Influencers.

You'll be spoilt for choice. Search 68 million AI classified accounts then filter by demographics to find the match.

Sauce let's you search and filter down to thousands of Influencers that fit your brand and demographics. Benchmarks and cost indicators at each step of the way help you make the right decision for your brand and budget. 

Shortlist your Influencer selections and activate them in your campaigns.

Sauce's Influencer CRM keeps your campaign management all in one place.

Use the CRM tool to escalate your Influencer negotiations up towards becoming campaign ready then activate and start tracking.

Track your Influencer media and ROI all the way to the checkout.

Automated Influencer tracking campaigns provide you with a powerful way to capture Influencer content and the value it delivers.

Track reach, engagement and sales for each Influencer and the posts and stories they create for your brand. Understand your campaign effectiveness from start to finish and spotlight the influencers that deliver the highest value to your brand. 

Not quite ready to do it yourself?

We're here to help with our Brand Partnerships program.

We run dedicated training sessions with select brands that are forward-thinking and looking to increase sales and exposure through Social and Influencer Marketing. As Facebook, Instagram and Shopify Plus partners, we are ideally placed to offer world-class strategy, creative and campaign execution. We’ll show you how to get the maximum from specialist tastemakers, thought leaders and passionate experts with engaged audiences in over 320 specialist categories.

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