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Sauce Social Commerce: The End-to-End Solution where powerful shopping journeys ignite. Unlock the Power of Social Marketing through Visual Shopping, User Generated Content, and Influencer Marketing

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Sauce Social Commerce offers a seamless fusion of Visual Shopping, User Generated Content, and Influencer Marketing, enabling brands to craft unforgettable customer experiences and accelerate sales growth via Social, Web and Email.


Product Discovery

Influence, Share, & Engage

Embrace the digital era with influencers amplifying brands, user-generated content sparking interest, & advocacy expanding reach.

Sephora leverages the power of influencers to promote products and generate interest among their vast followings. The brand also encourages user-generated content (UGC) and customer advocacy to promote organic sharing and generate interest among potential customers. These strategies can help you maximise your product's reach and increase your brand's visibility in the digital space.

Decision & Purchase

Elevate Sales & Experience

Boost commerce through visuals, trust, & engagement. Visual galleries, Social Proof, and Optimised Shopping Experiences thrive.

DylanLex boosts sales by using engaging shoppable galleries and product detail page galleries to create visual appeal for their customers. Use social proof to increase customer confidence, encourage additional purchases with related products, and implement strategies for basket uplift.

Post-Purchase & Advocacy

Grow, Engage, & Influence

Cultivate the cycle of loyalty, repurpose UGC, and amplify word-of-mouth success influencing potential new customers.

Crocs creates a virtuous cycle of advocacy, building brand reputation and influencing potential new customers through real customer stories, unboxing and product reviews. Sauce enables brands like Crocs to harness user-generated content, capitalising on the genuine enthusiasm of satisfied customers. With targeted campaigns and streamlined activation processes, Sauce helps brands cultivate loyal brand ambassadors who not only promote their products but also inspire trust among their networks.

Transform Your Buyer Journey with Sauce Social Commerce

Effortlessly merge Influencers, Visuals, and UGC under a single comprehensive platform to create a cohesive and impactful social shopping experience that drives customer engagement, fosters loyalty, and boosts sales for your progressive DTC brand.



Expand Your Reach and Influence with Strategic Partnerships

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Visual Shopping

Transform Images and Videos into Shoppable Content for your brand

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Harness Authenticity and Trust with Real Customer Experiences

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Supercharged Influencer Marketing:
Embrace Sauce Social Commerce for Unparalleled Growth

Struggling to optimize influencer marketing and boost brand visibility?
Managing campaigns and fostering authentic connections can be challenging. User-generated content (UGC) and customer advocacy are key to organic sharing and engagement.


Sauce Social Commerce offers a powerful solution. Harness its advanced tools to identify compatible influencers and streamline your workflow, ensuring effective campaign management. Track performance and sales with end-to-end visibility. Leverage Sauce to create synergy between influencers, UGC, and advocacy. Maximize reach, increase visibility, and drive sales while building genuine connections.

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Picture Perfect Shopping:

Reimagine Retail with the Power of Visual Shopping

From Inspiration to Purchase deliver a seamless, immersive, and interactive shopping experience by curating and integrating the best of UGC and influencer content. Redefine what it means to shop online with Sauce's conversion-optimised Shoppable Galleries, Shop the Look Cards, Email galleries and Sauce TV™ – the ultimate blend of style and functionality for a seamless customer journey.


Discover the synergy of User-Generated Content, Influencer Marketing, and Visual Shopping within your Buyer Journey to unlock your brand's true potential and elevate your customer experience.


Trust Transformed:
Empower Shoppers with Authentic Experiences in Visual Shopping

Transform trust by empowering shoppers with authentic experiences from brand advocates, product experts and Influencers. Showcase product demonstrations, engaging tutorials, and heartfelt testimonials in customisable galleries that effortlessly adapt to any web page or email campaign, ensuring a consistent brand aesthetic. Embrace the future of eCommerce and drive customer engagement and conversions by harnessing the power of shoppable galleries, where captivating storytelling and sales impact unite.

Appearing on:


Captivate, Engage, & Inspire. 
Empower Your Brand with Dynamic User-Generated Content 
Solutions by Sauce

Elevate your brand with Sauce's UGC platform, seamlessly integrating user-generated content throughout the buyer journey to captivate and engage audiences at every touchpoint. Ignite interest, build trust, and drive action by harnessing authentic customer experiences across social media, email marketing, and e-commerce platforms.


Empower your brand with dynamic and influential marketing strategies using real-life testimonials and interactions. Boost engagement, nurture loyalty, and accelerate conversions through the power of UGC. Unlock your brand's full potential with Sauce and soar to new heights.

See how User Generated Content can work for your Brand and Unleash Your Brand's Influence

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Real Voices, Compelling Connections: Foster Consumer Trust with UGC Storytelling

Embrace the art of storytelling through user-generated video content, cultivating consumer trust with genuine, personal experiences. In a world where connection matters, Sauce's UGC platform empowers you to seamlessly weave authentic narratives that resonate with your audience, leaving a lasting impression. Discover the power of trust, and let your brand shine in the spotlight.


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Integrate Social Commerce Across Your Buyer Journey with Your Sales Platforms for a Seamless Customer Experience

Sauce is meticulously designed to work in harmony with leading industry platforms, simplifying your tasks and streamlining your workflow.

Transforming the Customer Journey: Unveiling Industry-Specific Triumphs in Influencer Marketing, Visual Shopping, and User-Generated Content

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) product verticals have significantly grown in recent years, with many brands successfully bypassing traditional retail channels and connecting directly with customers. Some of the top DTC product verticals leveraging Social Commerce include:

Discover the synergy of User-Generated Content, Influencer Marketing, and Visual Shopping within your Buyer Journey to unlock your brand's true potential and elevate your customer experience.


Beauty & Personal Care

Engage beauty gurus to demonstrate product usage and share tips that drive consumer interest. Incorporate visual shopping for virtual product "try-ons" that help customers make informed decisions. Leverage UGC to showcase product effectiveness and inspire various looks and styles.

In the spotlight: Il Makiage, Glossier, Function of Beauty


Partner with skincare influencers to share personal experiences and demonstrate product usage, creating credibility and trust around product effectiveness. Incorporate visual shopping with interactive product displays, allowing customers to explore ingredients and benefits before making a purchase. Leverage UGC by encouraging customers to share their skincare journeys and results, building trust and demonstrating product efficacy.

In the spotlight: Paula's Choice, The Ordinary, Sephora, CeraVe

Health & Wellness

Partner with health and lifestyle influencers to share personal experiences and create credibility around product effectiveness. Utilise visual shopping to simplify product comparisons and selections for health-conscious consumers. Promote UGC for customers to share their personal health journeys and demonstrate product efficacy.

In the spotlight: Wild Nutrition, Care/of, Ritual, Hims & Hers

Food & Beverage

Connect with foodie and lifestyle influencers to share culinary experiences and entice followers to try new products or meal services. Implement visual shopping with appetising product images and interactive displays to explore taste profiles and ingredients. Encourage UGC for customers to share their cooking and tasting experiences, validating product quality and taste.

In the spotlight: Magic Spoon, Vegilantes, HelloFresh

Home & Lifestyle

Team up with interior stylists and design led influencers to inspire followers with appealing home setups and featured products. Integrate visual shopping for interactive product demonstrations and displays that aid in design and purchase decisions. Foster UGC by having customers share images and stories of their homes, showcasing product quality, style, and function.

In the spotlight: Bauwerk Colour, Casper, Brooklinen

Apparel & Footwear

Collaborate with influencers to showcase style and fit, inspiring trends and driving purchases. Implement visual shopping to allow customers to explore clothing and accessories in detail with Get Ready With Me (GRWM) Reels. Encourage UGC to provide potential buyers with relatable insights into style, fit, and quality.

In the spotlight: Alohas, Everlane, Allbirds, Outdoor Voices

Jewlery & Accessories

Partner with fashion influencers to showcase elegant and stylish jewelry and accessories, inspiring followers to complement their personal style. Implement visual shopping to provide customers with detailed images and interactive displays, helping them envision the items in their collection. Leverage UGC to highlight real customers wearing the products, offering potential buyers insights into the craftsmanship, style, and versatility of the pieces.

In the spotlight: Bruna, DylanLex, Daniel Wellington


Partner with fashion and lifestyle influencers to showcase swimwear designs in aspirational locations, inspiring followers to update their beachwear collection. Incorporate visual shopping with detailed images and interactive displays, enabling customers to explore swimwear styles and make confident purchasing decisions. Leverage UGC by encouraging customers to share their beach and poolside moments, providing potential buyers with real-life insights into the fit, style, and comfort of the swimwear.

In the spotlight: VDM Swim, Triangl, Maoswim


Collaborate with fitness and lifestyle influencers to showcase stylish and functional athleisure wear, inspiring followers to elevate their workout wardrobe. Implement visual shopping with detailed images and interactive displays, enabling customers to explore athleisure styles and make informed purchasing decisions. Encourage UGC by inviting customers to share their workout and leisure moments, providing potential buyers with real-life insights into the comfort, fit, and versatility of the apparel.

In the spotlight: Vuori, Gym Shark, Fabletics, Lululemon

Hotels & Resorts

Collaborate with travel influencers to share immersive experiences and captivating stories, enticing potential guests to book their next stay. Incorporate visual shopping with interactive virtual tours, enabling customers to explore accommodations and amenities before booking. Encourage UGC by inviting guests to share their memorable experiences, building trust and credibility while showcasing the hotel or resort's unique atmosphere.

In the spotlight: Marriott, Hilton, Bulgari Hotels & Resorts

Pet Care

Collaborate with pet influencers to share adorable and heartwarming content, attracting pet owners and showcasing the benefits of your products. Implement visual shopping to provide customers with detailed information and images, helping them choose the right products for their pets' needs. Encourage UGC by inviting pet owners to share their pets' experiences with the products, building trust and demonstrating the positive impact on their furry friends.

In the spotlight: Chewy, BarkBox, Wild Earth

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