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Why DTC Brands Can't Afford to Ignore Influencer Marketing?

If you're a DTC brand and you're feeling like you're throwing your ad budget into a black hole, it's time to give influencer marketing a try. Influencer marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a larger audience and drive sales for your brand. Plus, partnering with influencers who are trusted by their followers is like having a built-in credibility boost for your brand. Learn more and get started with our Influencer Marketing Platform today.


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With Sauce you can...


Find the Perfect Influencers for Your Brand with Advanced Search Capabilities.

Effortlessly discover influencers from over 69M accounts based on location, audience demographics, and highly Indexed Reputation categories.

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Streamline Influencer Relationships with Powerful Management Tools.

Manage and track your relationships with influencers, from proposals to scheduling.

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Track and Optimise Influencer Campaign Performance with In-Depth Analytics.

Stay up-to-date on the performance of your influencer campaigns with real-time analytics.

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Collaborate with Influencers on Content Creation and Approval with Ease.

We also offer Enterprise Done-For-You solutions to help brands collaborate with influencers on content creation and approval. Our team handles all aspects of the content creation process, from concept development to final approval, saving brands time and resources. We work closely with brands to understand their goals and use our extensive network of influencers to find the perfect partners for their campaigns. Sauce has a proven track record of creating high-quality, engaging content that resonates with influencers and their followers.

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Unlock the Power of Influencer Content in Your Sales Funnels.

Use the visual appeal of Influencer social media to your advantage and create visually stunning shopping experiences that drive conversions on Web, PDPs, Email and Instagram Shopping.

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Track and Measure the Success of Your Social Commerce Strategies.

Easily track and measure the success of your campaigns with our advanced tracking and measurement tools.

180,000 brands like yours use Sauce for Social Marketing success.


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"UGC was far the best..."

Tried a bunch of UGC apps and SNPT's was by far the best. Free version most feature rich we tried and their paid plans are awesome value for money - same functionality elsewhere was 10x"

Jennifer Young

"Customer service is A+"

“Great APP and customer service is A+. Quick replies and assistance whenever needed. Highly recommended.”

Khongboon Swimwear

"Idiot proof setup!"

"Saw this app on someone else's website and tried it. It's really straight forward and easy to use! Will be exploring other influencer features as well!!!
Highly recommended, idiot proof setup!"

The Meadowlark Store

"...uplift in sales..."

"This app is very easy to set up. I love that you can see all the people that mentioned you and that you can use their content with full accreditation. I did see an uplift in sales since I added social into my website. Plus their support team is great and always there to help."

Yalon Swarovski


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