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The Rise of Genuine Connections:
How UGC, Today's Hottest Trend, Builds Trust and Fuels Sales Growth

Today's competitive market challenges trust-building and conversions. Overwhelming content and marketing messages often leave potential customers skeptical, leading to lost sales and stagnant growth.


Sauce's platform harnesses User Generated Content (UGC) as a solution. Integrating authentic customer experiences into your marketing strategy addresses trust and credibility issues, capturing buyer attention. Sauce's seamless UGC management capabilities alleviate skepticism, inspire trust, and accelerate sales performance in a competitive landscape.

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Sauce let's you harness the Magic of UGC: Inspire Trust and Accelerate Your Sales Performance

Boost your brand's presence using UGC to build trust and increase conversions. Display authentic customer interactions to connect with potential buyers, fostering trust in your offerings. Harness UGC's persuasive power to drive engagement and enhance loyalty. Sauce's UGC capabilities lets you stand out in a competitive market by leveraging genuine experiences, ensuring your brand resonates and achieves long-term success.


Trust Transformed:
Empower Shoppers with Authentic Experiences Shared by Loyal Customers

Transform trust by empowering shoppers with authentic experiences from loyal customers. Harness User Generated Content (UGC) to inspire potential buyers and enhance credibility. Showcase real stories and testimonials to boost engagement and conversion rates. Embrace UGC's potential and let customers drive your brand's success.

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Lights, Camera, UGC:
Harness Video Content to Drive Consumer Trust via Storytelling

Ignite consumer trust through storytelling by harnessing the power of UGC video content. Engage your audience with authentic, captivating reels and video posts that showcase real-life customer experiences, forging deeper connections with your brand. Embrace the potential of UGC video to elevate engagement, strengthen loyalty, and boost conversions, setting your brand apart in a competitive market.


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UGC AutoCollect:
Streamline Your Brand's Content Capture Process

Experience seamless content management with UGC AutoCollect, designed to streamline your brand's content capture process. Harness the power of User Generated Content to effortlessly collect authentic customer experiences, saving time and resources. Implement UGC AutoCollect to optimise your marketing strategy, enhance engagement, and drive conversions, unlocking your brand's full potential.

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Curate with Confidence:
Simplify UGC Management for Impactful Brand Stories

Effortlessly curate compelling brand narratives with streamlined UGC management. Simplify the process of selecting and organising genuine customer experiences to craft powerful stories that resonate with your audience. Embrace this efficient approach to enhance engagement, build trust, and drive conversions, positioning your brand for lasting success.

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Tag and Shop UGC:
Turn Authentic Content into a Seamless Shopping Experience

Revolutionise your e-commerce strategy by turning authentic content into seamless shopping experiences with Tag and Shop UGC. Enable customers to 'buy the story' as they engage with genuine user-generated content, transforming browsing into purchasing opportunities. Adopt this innovative approach to enhance engagement, build trust, and optimise conversions, propelling your brand to new heights.

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Seamless UGC Integration:
Unify Your Marketing Channels for a Streamlined Strategy and Enhanced Execution

With Sauce's UGC platform, effortlessly integrate user-generated content across the buyer journey to captivate and engage your audience at every touchpoint. Harness the power of authentic customer experiences in your social media, email marketing, and e-commerce platforms to spark interest, foster trust, and drive action. By leveraging real-life testimonials and interactions, Sauce empowers your brand to create a dynamic and influential marketing strategy that boosts engagement, cultivates loyalty, and accelerates conversions. Unleash the full potential of UGC with Sauce and propel your brand to new heights.

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Fanalytics Unleashed: Track Your Fan Growth and Assess the Power of Advocacy

Tap into the commercial power of Fanalytics to track fan growth and uncover advocacy-driven opportunities. Discover your best customers and their influence, enabling data-driven decisions that boost sales and conversion strategies. Harness Fanalytics to identify collaboration prospects with top-performing customers, maximise revenue, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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We’ve driven over $890M for our client partners via UGC, Influencers & Visual Shopping. 

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Highly recommended, idiot proof setup!"

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"This app is very easy to set up. I love that you can see all the people that mentioned you and that you can use their content with full accreditation. I did see an uplift in sales since I added social into my website. Plus their support team is great and always there to help."

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